I have been developing my practice as an oil painter since 2000, and my previous projects show my journey from technical competence to gaining a clear and personal creative vision 


My recent solo show at The Bowes Museum, County Durham.

117Regeneration 2022 The Bowes Museum © Martin Kinnear  .jpg

Works from Regeneration 

A show of preparatory works painted from 2017-22 for my major solo exhibition at The Bowes Museum. April 2022 featuring large and small scale works on canvas. 

7New Works from Regeneration © Martin Kinnear  .jpg

Beyond Here 

Works of the North of England which took me to Downing St and won me a medal at the 2018 Paris Salon 


The Painted Garden 

A sell out show of large scale works which marked the turning point in my career from classical to modern painting ; my stylistic epiphany.  

11MARTIN KINNEAR  Artist.jpg