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Painting is my version of events, so I make shows which tell stories about who we are.
Whatever my subject from the grim urban valleys of my youth, to gardens I'm inspired by, the wide spaces of the Dales near my studio or even simple domestic arrangements of favourite objects in my home, all of my work is a self portrait about seeing the positive, hopeful and optimistic side of life.
Having suffered a life changing illness I know that we all have two lives, but the second one only begins when we realise we have just the one.  


My recent solo show at The Bowes Museum, County Durham.

117Regeneration 2022 The Bowes Museum © Martin Kinnear  .jpg

Works from Regeneration 

A show of preparatory works painted from 2017-22 for my major solo exhibition at The Bowes Museum. April 2022 featuring large and small scale works on canvas. 

7New Works from Regeneration © Martin Kinnear  .jpg

Beyond Here 

Works of the North of England which took me to Downing St and won me a medal at the 2018 Paris Salon 


The Painted Garden 

A sell out show of large scale works which marked the turning point in my career from classical to modern painting ; my stylistic epiphany.  

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