The Painted Garden

All Artists need a Crucible , mine was disability

The Painted Garden is a body of work about my recovery from devastating illness

Martin Kinnear , the painted garden (2016/17)

Selected Works

Memories Should Burn Like Embers. Oil , spray, dry media and college 1.5M sq 2019
Garden Of Delights. Oil and mixed media on photograph. 2019
And such gardens are not made – a meditation in oils. Oil 3.5x2M in progress
Sometimes Beauty is Enough. Oil 1.5M sq 2019
To Winter, a colour. Oil 1.5M sq
Martin Kinnear, The Painted Garden, 2019
Painted Garden studies in progress
Martin Kinnear in the studio
Martin Kinnear the Painted Garden
Martin Kinnear the painted garden
A study for The Painted Garden 2015
Martin Kinnear Painting ‘And Such Gardens Are Not Made’ 2016