In 2000 I decided to teach myself to paint , and that skills facilitate creativity. In 2007 I founded The Norfolk Painting School to offer technical skills training creative visual artists; it is now the UKs largest specialist painting school attracting thousands of students from all over the world. Many of these early pieces are therefore appropriation- it should be clear to anyone that visual artists learn by looking.

Selected Works 2000-16

A study for The Painted Garden 2015
The Quick And The Dead. Oil , and soft encaustic. 48x36"
Turbine Hall (exhibited. RBA), Oil 9x11"
Divine Light. Oil and soft encaustic 48x36"
A Memory of The Loire. Oil 48x36" 2012
Study after Turner. Staffa Fingal's Cave. Oil 30x40"
Study After Turner. The Burning Of The Houses Of Lords and Commons. Oil 48x36"
Buttermere and Crummock Water. Oil 30x40" 2004.