Regeneration: New Work about Regeneration, resilience and resurgence

The places we live in ,  inhabit us.

All painting done with feeling is a self portrait of the artist. Kinnear's  work is about disadvantage, opportunity, regeneration and making the most of our time on earth.

Martin Kinnear's painting is about understanding how the places we choose to be makes us whom we are, and can become. His place was the post industrial valleys of East Lancashire, his landscape its terraces and mills. Kinnear finds them totemic so by painting them he 'paints myself' . Kinnear's hope is that people who see his work will reflect upon how where they choose to be, will determine who they will become.  
Council House Days (detail), Oil, spray dry media on board 96x48" 2018

Selected Works

Oils in progress for Regeneration.  All are oil and other media, See the show - scheduled for  November 2020 at The Bowes.
Homes fit for heroes. Oil, spray and dry media on photographic print 36x20" 2019 from Regeneration
Assembly of Mills. Oil 60 inches sq
Utopia. Oil and dry media on photographic print. A work about false futures and lost hope.
Irwell, from Regeneration
Engine House from Regeneration
This Empire from Regeneration
Sepulchre from Regeneration
Estate WIP 30X20 2019

Selected Sketches

I love the character and expressive quality of simple line sketches, they are imperfect, human and honest records for developing into paintings. Here are a few
Boarded up
Sleeping bag
Lager Kids
The Wall