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BBC Look North Feature 20.01. 2022 

The BBC filmed Martin during the installation of Regeneration and asked how he went from the council estates of East Lancashire to the Paris Salon, Downing St and The Bowes Museum to bring his message about transformative change to life.  

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Martin Kinnear’s uplifting depiction of the North caught Boris Johnson’s eye and is now the subject of Regeneration, the eagerly awaited exhibition at the Bowes Museum. The artist spoke to David Whetstone about its various moods and themes.

With deft brushstrokes and exuberant swathes of colour, he elevates grittiness to something rich and magisterial.

No wonder he is “lionised in Paris”.'

David Whetstone. Cultured North East Jan 10. 2022

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Living North East Article. March 2022 

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Living North East Article. March 2022 

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