Cornish Residence Sketches

'Norman Cornish residence at The Bowes'

Northern Echo, Monday Feb 8 2020. Coverage of my residency and looking forward to Regeneration - my solo show - in November 2020  as the next chapter in northern artists celebrating our people places and landscape.

I was honoured to be selected to be the artist in residence for The Bowes' retrospective show of Norman Cornish.

Cornish is the best known of the 'pitmen painters' and much loved, so much so the show was by far the best attended event staged by The Bowes in recent times.
The Bowes - one of the great art galleries of the North.
After painting one study after a oil by Cornish to get my eye in, I restricted myself to creating oils from sketches he had never worked up into paintings, before visiting Spennymore - his home town - to create some original work. Here are some off the works - all oil, and with the exception of one study, new work, in the sense that Cornish never worked these up in paint.
Allotments in Spennymore. Oil from a small flo master sketch. 30x20"
Back st near Rosa st, Spennymoor. Original oil from my visit to Cornish's home town. Oil on board 30x20"
Miner with a rock drill (?) from a graphite sketch by Cornish. Oil 16x12"
Old man with a stick. Oil from a sketch by Cornish 16x12"
The artist's mother and baby from a flo master sketch by Cornish . Oil 20x24"
The artists mother (?) from a flo master sketch by Cornish. Oil 20x24"
Peeling potatoes, from a flo master sketch by Cornish. Oil 20x24"
Detail of a young baby from my study of Cornish's mother and child. Oil after a flo master sketch by Cornish (detail) 20x24"
The artist's mother with a newborn(?) Oil after a flo master sketch by Cornish 20x24"
The dean and chapter colliery - a gantry after an oil by Cornish slightly oversize 1m sq
A bar in Spennymoor after a pencil sketch by Cornish. Oil on canvas approx 72 x 36"