Martin Kinnear, Contemporary Artist

Martin Kinnear is an award wining fine artist, writer and author. Working from memory he creates images of people and the places which make them. Kinnear's works have earned him a Medaille d'Argent at his inaugural Paris Salon, recognition as one of the North's leading contemporary painters and seen his work of Northern England requested by Downing St for the Govt. Art Collection.

About Martin 

Martin Kinnear (b. 1969), is one of the UK's foremost painting tutors and writers. An internationally recognised expert on oil painting he has many publishing credits spanning two decades. 

As co founder of  The Norfolk Painting School, Kinnear takes an active role in art education. His specialist knowledge of oil techniques attracts students from all over the world to his teaching studio. 


Although Martin attended art college, he went on to train and practice as a creative copywriter before returning to painting at the age of 30, describing his painting style as 'autodidactic by circumstance'.


In 2004 Martin suffered a catastrophic brain injury which left him disabled and changed the nature of his work and his thinking; emphasising the experiential and possible over the observed. 


Martin's work spans many subjects but is rooted in just one, an autobiographical view of the world as he sees it.


Described as 'a true artist' by Catherine Severac (president for peinture Societie Nationale des Beaux Arts) on the presentation of his Medaille d' Argent at the 2018 Paris Salon, and as 'the natural successor to Norman Cornish' following his artistic residence by the curators of The Bowes, Martin's work has won him increasing critical acclaim. 


At the start of 2020, works from Martin's recent paintings of the North were requested by Downing St. to provide a visual reminder of the North West at the heart of government, and have since been accepted into the Govt. Art Collection.


Originally scheduled for Dec 2020- Feb 2021,  'Regeneration' a major solo show of Martin's new works will be held at The Bowes Museum Co Durham from January 22nd - April 25th 2022


Thank you for visiting my website; without viewers, visual art serves no higher purpose, than the making of it.


I was a writer before I became a painter, so to lovers of convoluted art speak I can only offer my apologies that my work is intentionally straight forward.


All of my works are simply elements of my life long autobiography in paint. If this seems self referential, it has the merit of bring honest: we all see the world through the lens of our own selves. 


However, like all autobiographies, this story is really about the reader, not the author. In creating my version of events, I take care not to    ' finish' anything, so that in looking at my work, viewers can add their interpretation and enter into a conversation about the subject.  


Working from memory, recollection and imagination, all of my works are fragments of places rather than reproductions of them. For me at least, Art should be a mirror to experience, not observation.


In making my experiential art I create not so much individual pieces but rather bodies of works. Taken together this become narratives about shared experience, into which I blend words, memories, ideas and experiences. Although my 'shows' are listed chronologically, and individual works were created at this or that time, my process really is the distillation of decades of looking. 


My current works of the North for instance were painted from 2017 but began in fact with my being born and raised there. 


All painting done with feeling, whatever its subject, is always a self portrait. My hope as an artist then, is that you will get to both meet me and yourself through my work.

Recent Selected Exhibitions and Achievements 


Regeneration :Major solo show at The Bowes Museum opens Jan 22nd January  - April 25th 2022 


'Backstreet Burnley' accepted into Govt. Art Collection to represent contemporary Northern Painting

Sept 2020

Solo show, Lefty's North. The Garden Rooms Exhibition Venue. 

Feb 2020

Artist in residence for the Norman Cornish retrospective at The Bowes. Hailed as 'the natural successor to Cornish' (Northern  Echo, Feb 3 edition) 

Dec 2019

Exhb. Paris Salon (Salon des Beaux Arts)

Dec 2018

Exhb. Paris Solo (Salon des Beaux Arts). Awarded Medaille d'argent for peinture for 'Burnsall Winter'

Selected Past Shows








Solo Show 'Beyond Here'. The Garden Rooms.

Solo Show 'The Painted Garden'. New British Art Gallery

Exhb. Discerning Eye, London

Exhb ROI London

Exhb RBA London

Solo Show 'Sacred' . New British Art Gallery

Solo Show 'Vantage' . New British Art Gallery

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